Get Involved Internationally

We are carrying out our mission for Kingdom expansion with work, wisdom, and worship. Our goal is to spread the love of Jesus Christ as we meet the needs of others and spread the gospel. 

Missions Abroad

Places we've been........

- Benjamin Hill, Mexico
- Philippines
- Mumias, Kenya

Greater Works Global Missions

global transformation beyond the walls

Our non-profit organization is dedicated to providing local, national, and international citizens with the fundamentals for life skills, education, healthcare, leadership, and entrepreneurship through economic assistance, services, and training.

Covenant Coverage
International Fellowship

Covenant Coverage Ministries is an extension of our organization. Through the power of agreement and willful submission, we offer individuals in ministry as well as other churches, who are not connected with an establishment, an opportunity to join our network. We understand that in ministry the vision is always greater than one person or one body which is why it is our desire that no man, woman, or child is left behind or overlooked.